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The difference between learning a modern language and an ancient language is that in first year French you learn “Where is the bathroom?” and “How do I get to the train station?” and in first year Attic Greek or Latin you learn “I have judged you worthy of death” and “The tyrant had everyone in the city killed.”

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Things that will make me fall for you:

  • singing around me, even if you’re not the best
  • talking about movies and books you love
  • telling me jokes, yes including the stupid ones
  • sharing your music with me
  • really talking to me…about your life and your future etc.
  • maybe liking me back?
  • yeah
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Finished my speech for APUSH and it sounds GOOD.

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I did an hour of stinky homework now I’m gonna relax :3

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My family calls me a selfish bitch and then doesn’t understand why I don’t like them???


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